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At Bike works, we are dedicated to providing the very best in performance bicycles and customer service. It is our goal to help our customers achieve theirs. We take pride in having some of the best bicycle technicians in the front range. Because we want every rider to love their time on the bike, we offer professional bike fitting.

People commuting or just wanting a little assist in their ride Consider: E-Bike or E-Bike Conversion. The addition of an electric motor on your bicycle increases your range and ease of pedaling.
Yes every shop can order $2000+carbon wheels ect, however we have found with the correct components we’re able to custom build wheelsets within a few hundred grams of the pro wheelsets at a fraction of the cost
Stronger Wheels:
A hand built set of wheels are built stronger than stock wheels that came on your bike (Road, Mountain, 27+, Fat Bike wheels).
Hub set/Bearings:
When building a custom set of wheels hubs and bearings allow wheels to reduce significant weight as well as reducing rolling resistance -Ceramic Bearings- super low friction resistance decreasing power loss, increasing rolling distance Topics to discuss with us when considering a new set of wheels:
1. Intended Uses
2. Hubs
3. Spokes
4. Rims
5. Bearings
Medical Needs Through our suppliers we able to get you frame sets and component groups, three wheeled bikes to 13 pound carbon racing machines, mountain or road we can build your bike If your considering rebuilding your old bike or building a brand new one adapted for your specific riding/medical needs talk us about your concepts
On many of today’s bicycles have hydraulic brake systems. We have all styles/adapters to bleed your brake system. Brake hose, rotors and most brake pads are kept in stock to improve the feel of your hydraulic braking system.
Mountain or Road your tires can be made tubeless or they are already tubeless. Making your bike tubeless increases traction, feel, and puncture resistance of your tires. Thus preventing you from having as many flats. We able to convert or reseal your tires to tubeless.
Recumbents can require unique parts or custom made parts. We’re able to fabricate and repair your recumbent and get you back down the road.
Often we hang on to our old bikes. Consider over the course of 5 years how much technology changes with our phones. Bikes have made those same technological improvements from electric wireless shifting to development of new manufacturing techniques a new bike is an improvement from your older bike. We have over 40 years combined experience helping people choose a bike that works for their needs from Triathlon, Road/Mountain Racing, Weekend bike path riding with friends and family we have bikes for all needs and all types of riders.
Often we ride or dont ride as a result:
1. Hand numbness
2. Saddle Discomfort
3. Neck Pain
4. Recovery/Training
Talk with us about your concerns, and bring your bike we can make adjustments to help mitigate those issues and make your riding more enjoyable
Depending on mileage your bike needs at least one yearly tune up. Over time, drivetrain wears out, cable housings lose rigidity increasing friction thus affecting shifting, Wheels hit cracks, potholes, curbs and need to be trued, Bearings need adjusting, Brakes need cleaning ect. A tune up will bring your bike back to new condition and keep you pedaling without worrying about a mechanical failure. Often the Tune-Up is preventative maintenance increasing the lifespan of your investment in your bike

Doug Mosher

Origianl Owner

Started the business in 1987 on Washington St. in Johnstown

Neil Auty


21 Years in the bike industry, road and mountain bike racing

Joe Trimarchi


24 Years in the biking industry, road and mountain bike racing

Daryn Dam

BMX Rider

Catch Daryn ripping up the streets of Johnstown

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